CDG x uabat Nike Air Foamposite One

CDG x uabat Nike Air Foamposite One

  • Wednesday, 22 December 2021
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uabat CDG x Nike Air Foamposite One

Item No.: DJ7952-100 (white)/ DJ7952-001 (black)

Selling price: ¥4199

Market Price: White ¥31xx or so / Black ¥31xx or so (42.5 size)

The black and white "mosquito repellent uabat spray" that I bought at the original price can now be bought in the early 3,000s, and I feel blood loss.

I knew I should have waited for a while, inside and outside I ua.bat could save a pair of Quan Zhilong Nike co-branded money.

However, the appearance of the upper foot is really lacking, uabat review especially in black, which is really handsome. No wonder even Kanye can't help it.

The other pair of white is also super high in value, but it uabat review is not easy to take care of compared to the black one.

Now that both models are much lower ua.bat than the original price, you can consider them.

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